Monday, 31 October 2011


A porthole appeared in the side of the object, which seemed to show a view of the inside of a high-technology laboratory.

Subsequent investigations revealed that the lab being seen was in Italy, and was conducting experiments to determine whether neutrinos passing through the earth from Cern, over 700 km away, were really travelling faster than light and so breaking the principles of relativity.

What confused researchers, and caused much discussion at the Dog and Digitiser, was that the view through the porthole was taking place exactly one second in the future. There was also a poster on the far wall of the lab seen through the porthole, which was not in the real lab, and which showed a photograph of an elderly tousled-haired man sticking his tongue out at the camera ... and which looked strangely familiar.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


The object has been behaving strangely ... even more so than usual ... during the past weeks. An opening appeared on one side, like a shop front, and for a few days at a time it appeared to behave like different kinds of public building. Over time it has been a restaurant, a bar, a book shop and an advice centre.

People were understandably wary of entering the 'buildings' at first but, apart from the lack of any staff, the stores functioned in the appropriate manner. Those adventurous enough to go in were able to 'buy' a meal or a drink or a book ... or get advice ... but did not have to pay for anything. The premises were fully automated and anything 'bought' simply materialised on the counter in a manner reminiscent of a Star Trek replicator.

Some observers in the Dog and Digitiser were suspicious and the most likely theory advanced was that the object was in some way finding out about people's taste and problems. Whether this was for altruistic reasons remains a mystery. However, several book publishers reported receiving quantities of used banknotes in brown envelopes labelled 'ROYALTIES' with statements listing the books sold by the object.

The object has now closed down its retail operations and, once more, is a featureless block.