Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Numerous experts were summoned to investigate the object. Two eminent professors attempted, independently, to determine its exact size; using a long piece of rope, some planks of wood, and a laser. Sadly they were unable to agree and called upon a statistician to calculate the probability of either of them being right.

An expert in remote sensing, fresh from working for NASA on studies of Martian rocks, used infrared radiation to work out the substance of which the object was made. Since his beams were bounced back at him completely unchanged, despite the object appearing to be unreflective, he was unable to discover anything. He also complained that, as his subjects were usually millions of miles away, he was used to brewing tea while waiting for his results and was having trouble dealing with anything instantaneous.

A young man wearing a curious hat tried to test the object by heaving half a brick at it and was chased away by police.

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