Monday, 30 May 2011


The local council is attempting to levy local taxes on the object. "It is in the borough so why should it not be subject to a levy like all other buildings" they say. "Au contraire" say others. "It is clearly not a building as there is no entrance or exit and no occupants."

"In which case" suggest the council "it is a vehicle and should be charged for parking."

The latest edition of the postal services database revealed that the object had been given a postal code but this was in anticipation of the arrival of fan mail. For the time being, such fan mail as did arrive was being kept in a small wooden box in a closet at the sorting office.

Bailiffs who attempted to gain entry to the object in order to collect on the allegedly owed charges were confounded by the fleeting appearance of a number of doorways in the object's exterior. However these doorways disappeared whenever anyone got within a few feet of them, accompanied by a slight popping sound.

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